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It’s been a while

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I honestly don’t even remember my last update and don’t have the time to go and look it up so here’s the skinny…

  1. I stayed on BCP’s and we made the decision to do one round of IUI since E’s sperm has improved so drastically on the medication
  2. I have upped my metformin dose to two a day and while my body is still adjusting, I am doing fine.
  3. I stopped BCP’s on Friday June 30th and started my low dose steroid on Saturday July 1st.
  4. July 3rd I had my baseline ultrasound which looked good. Lining was thin and I have approximately 14 potential follicles. They also did some bloodwork to make sure my liver isn’t acting up again being on the metformin (I haven’t received those results yet). I got the go ahead to start my femara and they ordered my Ovidrel which should be here Friday.
  5. I go back on CD10 (monday) for my midcycle ultrasound and then things get different than I am use to… I start using OPK’s and when I get a positive I call and will have the IUI the next day. If I don’t get a positive by the time they allot (which will be determined on monday) then I will take the Ovidrel and have the IUI 36 hours later. I am not so sure I like the approach but it is how they operate so I have no choice.
  6. I am already quite bloated so I am hoping that between the metformin and steroid my body is already responding to the femara and growing some good potentials.

Right now we are looking at an IUI around next Friday the 14th. I am ready to get this show on the road and pray that it actually works. I could use a miracle right about now!


One thought on “It’s been a while

  1. Praying you’ll get your miracle soon!

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