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CD10 Update


I had my CD10 ultrasound this morning and I am fairly pleased. Or at least I was until I looked back through my notebook to compare how far my follicles were at this point in previous cycles and now I am a little disappointed.

RT ovary: 15mm and 12mm

LT ovary: 16mm and 12mm

So really two contenders on CD10 with a lining of 8.4 isn’t too bad. Last year all 4 IUI’s I had “mature” follicles by CD11 so even with the dexamethasone I am still slower growing this first cycle but trying to stay positive as each cycle can be different.

The current plan is to start my OPK’s tomorrow. If I get a natural surge, take the Ovidrel and have an IUI the next morning. If I don’t have a natural surge by Thursday, take the Ovidrel that night and the IUI will be Saturday morning.

I still don’t really love this plan of action. I am someone who likes knowing the details and not knowing if I have the proper size follicles before triggering bothers me. They also didn’t take my E2 today which adds another level of unease for me… I guess I just got so use to how my old clinic did things that this deviation has me a little on edge.

Taking deep breaths and hoping for the best. It would be a dream come true if this actually worked.

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