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IUI #5 for baby #2


Today was the day. IUI #5. Our last IUI ever and thank god for that. What a whirlwind this morning was and I honestly don’t want to go through it again. I haven’t been quiet about my issues with this clinic and how they do things but today just took it to a new level.

I am very punctual, very much type A. We were told ovidrel at 11pm on Thursday night, semen collection at 8am on Saturday with the IUI at 10am. To me this seemed to be timed fairly right and felt ok with it even though I wasn’t thrilled about not exactly knowing what my follicles were.

E got there a few minutes before his 8am appointment but he wasn’t taken back till 8:30. Not a huge deal but still late. I met him at the clinic at 9:15 and we waited around till 10. No call. 10:15 still nothing and so we went to ask to make sure everything was ok. The receptionist told me that there were 4 IUI’s this morning and we were just waiting for everything to be processed. 10:30 nothing. 10:50 and E couldn’t wait any longer, he had to leave to go to work. He was so beyond angry at this point that it was only stressing me out more and as much as I wanted him to be with me at the potential conception of our child, it was probably best that he left. At 11:15 they finally called me back.

I was so stressed and worried. Would the sperm still be alive 3 hours after collection? Are we too far out of the window from the ovidrel now (yes, I know 11am would actually be the 36 hours but I was just too far stressed to be logical at this point)? I don’t handle things not happening according to plan and it just really bothered me.

I tried a few deep breaths and tried to center myself before the actual doctor came in because the stress is nothing but a hindrance to this whole process. The doctor came in and gave me the report which was great: 23.5 million sperm with great motility. They don’t actually give percentages for motility but rank them from 1 – 4, a 4 being the best, and E’s ranked at a 4. We couldn’t ask for anything more given that he had absolutely zero sperm just 5 months ago.

The procedure was incredibly smooth, I didn’t feel the catheter or sperm being injected. Afterwards, I got to lay on the table and listen to my lovely sperm timer for 15 minutes. Then up and out I went.


I feel pretty on par from all my previous IUI’s – seriously crampy and it feels like a bowling ball is sitting in my uterus but other than that I feel fine. I did have a little spotting today but I have had that a few times with other IUI’s so nothing too concerning.

I keep comparing the numbers and facts to the cycle we actually got pregnant on and I am hopeful… I am letting that hope creep in and I am scared that I am going to be devastated, more so than usual, if this doesn’t work.

I start my prometrium and baby asprin on Tuesday and get to test on the 29th. Our wedding anniversary is August 7th, how wonderful would it be if we could be celebrating a positive during that time???

Here’s hoping! I have a feeling this is going to be a very long 2ww.

4 thoughts on “IUI #5 for baby #2

  1. This sounds very positive! Great sperm count etc. But i do understand your frustration at not knowing follicle sizes! That would drive me nuts too. I’m an info hungry person. 😉 And super annoying for them to be so very late!! Hopefully that delay just meant that the sperm got there at the perfect time. 🙂

  2. so frustrating! crossing all of my crossables for you! love you. ❤

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