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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

4DPIUI #5 for Baby #2


I feel like a first timer. This is my 8th IUI… I have recorded each one in detail and yet I am still googling like I have never been through this before. I am driving myself crazy.

My headaches have finally subsided. I couldn’t be more grateful as I was going on a full week which was not easy. Everything else has been pretty normal; mild cramping and lower abdomen fullness. I started my prometrium yesterday so I know anything I may or may not feel will most likely be attributed to that.

This is the first time I’ve done prometrium. In the past I’ve done crinone and there are pros and cons to the prometrium. Pro: no where near as messy. Con: there is no applicator so it doesn’t feel as if I am getting the suppository high enough. This is more of an insecurity than a con since I haven’t had the pill fall out or anything but I still would like to have an applicator.

Every second I waiver from just knowing this will work to being absolutely positive it didn’t.

Regardless, being as overly prepared as I am, I already have our injection class schedule for 3 days after we know whether this works or not. I also have my pack of BCPs waiting for me! I confirmed with the nurses that since I already had my IVF consult and then we decided to do one more IUI I don’t need to actually meet with Dr. B again. So that’s one less appointment I need to have before getting the IVF ball rolling! Pretty much the only two things standing in my way are the injection class and having the business department request prior auth from my insurance company. Hopefully as soon as both of those things are completed I can stop my BCPs and start down the IVF journey.

I do feel like we may have wasted a month. I feel like I should have gone with my gut instinct and just done IVF like we had planned. Hopefully E will get to say “told ya so!” next Friday and I will have done all this pre-work for nothing. I really hope that is what happens but I have a sneaking suspicion that that won’t be the case.

Here’s hoping!

3 thoughts on “4DPIUI #5 for Baby #2

  1. This is such a tough road to be on. I am deeply sorry that you had another failed IUI. Hope keeps screaming one more time…at least it did for us. We had 4 IUI’s that all failed us. We then took a break from everything and when the fire in our hearts didn’t burn out we had our consult for IVF. We ended up doing IVF with ICSI and our first round was successful. My daughter is now 8 months old. I am not telling you this to trigger you in anyway, rather just a story of hope. I really hope IVF will be the answer to your prayers like it was ours. It is not an easy road to go down either though, lots of ups and downs and waiting….oh, the waiting!

    • That’s awesome that the first go round worked for you! We will be doing ICSI as well 😊 While still hoping this IUI turns out to be worth it I am fully ready to run head first into IVF!!

  2. Thinking of you and fingers crossed!

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