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17DPIUI #5/Beta #2


The past couple days have been a whirlwind of emotions. I have been testing every day and have had varying degree of line darkness which has caused my crazy infertile self to escalate the crazy to a whole new level. The fact that I had to wait 4 days (instead of the typical 2) for my second beta results hasn’t helped.

I mean this is a fertility clinic… don’t they know how anxious infertiles are? How could they think it’s a good idea to put someone through a 4 day wait? I let them know it too. The excuse of “because it makes the math easier” just doesn’t cut it for me. There are beta calculators or even regular calculators… seriously, how hard is it to calculate a doubling time? Their response was “you think this wait is bad, the next 3 weeks until your ultrasound is going to be torture.” I tried real hard not to roll my eyes.

I’ve had a few symptoms that I’m not so sure I had with G. I’m starving almost all the time but I can’t seem to eat much without feeling incredibly full. My breasts are actually sore this time around. I never really had any change in feeling in them with G, they even burn sometimes which isn’t exactly a pleasant feeling (but very welcome). Lack of sleep although that may be caused by the extreme anxiety over the beta wait. Lastly, the feeling of round ligament pain/stretching when I could sneeze.

Anyways my number today is 197 with a doubling time of 69.48 hours.

So, not great news. I have to go again Thursday for beta #3 and see what’s happening. I sort of had a feeling it wasn’t going to be great because my lines, while very clear, are still not darker than the control line. Ugh 😦

5 thoughts on “17DPIUI #5/Beta #2

  1. Just for a little comparison, my beta with Levi was 176 at 16-17dpo.
    With this baby, when i had a beta that was 127, my tests were still not nearly as dark as the control.

    I’m sorry your clinic came back with such a stupid response. As if you don’t know the torture!!

    I’m happy for you that you are hanging in there! Keep us posted!

  2. My line wasn’t darker than the control line which worried me but it was fine. I’m sorry about all the stress though. I really hope your third beta result will be positive!

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