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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

19DPIUI #5 / Beta #3


Can you ever just take a sigh of relief? Every part of infertility/pregnancy after infertility is holding your breath and waiting. I keep waiting to be able to take that deep breath. To just enjoy the moment, however brief it is.

I made it to my appointment with plenty of time to spare even with the crazy traffic around here. I took a seat and the nurse called me back almost immediately. She saw me and asked how I was, when I paused she simply said “even more nervous than Tuesday?” Yea, well that’s an understatement. We talked briefly on what they were looking for today which was insightful; they don’t care about doubling time, they just want to see at least a 60% increase over 48 hours. So I needed to have a bare minimum number of 316 today. I obviously was hoping for a higher number but 316 would be right at 60%.

I didn’t take a HPT yesterday but did take one this morning and the line is in fact darker but still not as dark/darker than the control line. So I did have hope that it wasn’t decreasing but I wasn’t sure on how much it was increasing simply based on the darkness of the line. I wish there was a way to test for numbers at home… maybe I need to invent it. I could make millions!


The wait was torture today. Absolute pure and utter torture. I stared at my phone and willed it to ring all day. Even before I knew the blood had left their office. I just couldn’t help it.

All that being said, they called at 1:30 and my numbers are 442.5 which equates to a rise of 124.9%!!!!!! The nurse indicated that the chance of it being ectopic with these results are incredibly low so there is no real reason to do a 4th beta. I have my 7 week ultrasound on August 18th and I can’t wait.

I know there are so many more hurdles to get through but for right now I feel like I can breath for a few amazing minutes.

10 thoughts on “19DPIUI #5 / Beta #3

  1. Such good news!! Congratulations!

  2. I’m so relieved! Xoxo

  3. Deep breath! That’s an awesome number. 🙂 I’m so happy for you to have a good increase. And yes, PLEASE invent that home hcg monitor. I have told DH MANY MANY times “Why can’t there be an at home hcg monitor that functions like a glucose monitor?!” The test companies could still make money on the strips the monitor would use, plus the initial sale of the unit itself….

    Anyway, that’s way off course. Lol. Congratulations!

  4. oh yay, that’s great! Such a relief! Lovely strong number. Pregnancy after infertility is full of anxiety I’m afraid! I would be happy and relieved after each positive blood test /scan but then start getting paranoid again a few days later! Now making it to 12 weeks safely is the new goal. Hope you have a great first scan!

  5. Congrats girl. You had me so tense reading this blog. Like in the edge of my seat. And good news on your numbers darling!!! Enjoy the moment!!

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