"Life's under no obligation to give us what we expect.”

Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

So angry


You know that feeling you get when you are so angry your chest hurts and you just want to punch something. You just feel sick? That’s what I am feeling right now.

Friday was 2 weeks since my D&C and I was told the genetic testing and pathology would take 1-2 weeks to come in. I didn’t hear anything Friday so I emailed them yesterday. Turns out they were closed due to weather and were going to have a late start today. Of course.

Well I just got the call… from their receptionist. She proceeded to inform me that my results came in LAST WEEK and my doctor was SUPPOSED TO CALL ME before leaving on vacation but she RAN OUT OF TIME. Are you fucking kidding me? She’s on vacation all this week so she set me up a phone consult for Monday (9/18) at 4pm.

I honestly feel bad for the girl that called me. I lost it on her. Full on crying and cussing. I asked if there was another doctor that could read me the results… “unfortunately, no.” I told her that losing a baby is hard enough and sitting waiting on these results has been torture, when I was told it would take 1-2 weeks. If I hadn’t reached out no one would have told me there was going to be an extra delay. I told her that this was absolutely unacceptable and there should be a covering doctor to oversee this type of thing while she’s gone… to bring all of this to their next staff meeting. She just kept apologizing, I know she had nothing to do with this but fuck! Who else am I going to go off on?

I’m just so angry.

Edit: They just called me back and wanted to move it to THURSDAY! Apparently the woman who called me earlier didn’t realize Dr. B has a department meeting Monday at 4pm. I told her no. That I would not accept a Thursday appointment and absolutely freaked out on her. After about 2 minutes of me going off she said she could put me down at 5pm on Tuesday. I can’t even process this.

6 thoughts on “So angry

  1. That is completely insane BS that they can’t give you these results right now! I am angry for you, too.

  2. This is ridiculous. No one should have to wait for this type of results any longer than absolutely necessary. I understand vacations and so on but there needs to be someone to fill in! I’m really sorry. It’s completely unfair.

  3. I’m sorry. That was really badly handled and isn’t acceptable.

  4. I’m so sorry girl!!! I would be just the way u are too!! LIVID!!!

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