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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

Frustration all around


So many things going on related to IF that have me frustrated.

Three weeks ago we made the decision to move forward with IVF. Our insurance does cover it as long as you meet particular criteria, which we do. The original pre-cert came back saying that E needed a third semen analysis because the first showed no sperm and the second one showed sperm. They needed 2 SA’s with the same diagnosis. Ok fine, he already had one scheduled for the following week anyways so we just needed to wait for that. SA came back good, even better than the one he had back in May which was great news.

My Dr’s office took their sweet time getting those results back to our insurance company and an entire week after E had his SA we get a call saying the pre-cert was denied because he has normal sperm. I’m sorry, what? The business office at my Dr’s said they were sorry but it was denied and essentially just said “good luck” and got off the phone. I was so upset and angry that I was practically at a loss for words and was visibly shaking. I called my insurance company to get more information and after being transferred 5 times, finally got the right person on the phone. She said that it was denied because I only had 1 IUI and his sperm was normal…. WHAT?!?! I have had 8 total IUI’s. The woman who I was talking to was shocked and said well, your clinic only sent 1.

Really? Do I have to do everything????? I called my clinic back and by some grace of god they actually picked up the phone and didn’t send it to voicemail. I explained to her what I was just told and she proceeds to tell me that since my other 7 IUI’s were at a different clinic they couldn’t release that info to the insurance company… queue another “WHAT?!” I knew that was total BS but she was adamant. After going back and forth and me questioning what on earth I need to do in order to get the information over to the insurance company, she tells me she is going to check on something and call me back.

An hour later she calls back and says ok, we can send the information but I only see 3 of your previous IUI’s. I literally wanted to throw myself at the wall. I spent 30 minutes on the phone with her going through my records trying to find all the IUI’s. Finally they were all found and she faxed them to my insurance company. It was an entire day event. I called Aetna this morning and confirmed that they received the information but that they would be reviewed in the order it was received. Awesome, who knows how long that is going to take now.

On the flip side, my body is being an asshole. Today is 6 weeks since my D&C. I started spotting this past Sunday and was convinced that my cycle was starting but as of today the spotting has disappeared so I have no idea what’s going on. Since we don’t have the authorization for IVF yet, if my cycle started now I would have to do the hysteroscopy first and there is a good chance we wouldn’t be able to do the IVF this year due to timing issues and their lab closing in December. So I am teetering on the edge of “hurry up and start so we can get the show on the road” and “please hold off until we get the approval” so we can stick with the original plan of IVF retrieval then the hysteroscopy then transfer.

Overall… nothing is solidified yet and everything is up in the air.

3 thoughts on “Frustration all around

  1. Damn girl, I was in total shock they couldn’t find ur other IUI!!! I just told my husband about ur blog and I was like man I would be cursing them out lol. But it looks like we will be on the same road for IVF. My class for IVF is on Wednesday. Have you set that up yet?

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