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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

9 weeks 3 days


9 weeks 3 days – 214 days to go

Today was my 9 week ultrasound and when I got to the clinic I realized the ultrasound tech that was there was my least favorite but was bound and determined to smother her with sweetness so her bitterness didn’t rub off on me. She just has an overall sour demeanor.

It was business as usual and I got up on the table and explained the scare I had this past Saturday. She was nice and immediately said well baby is still here with a heartbeat and turned the screen towards me. I could see the growth immediately and was so relieved. Baby measured 9w1d but was curled up and against the wall so it wasn’t easy to get the measurements. They were completely fine with it though. His/her heart beat was nice and strong at 186bpm and the ultrasound tech said she was guessing girl.

She checked again for any source of bleeding and couldn’t find one but did say I had some fluid on my cervix so if I see any spotting in the next few days it should be brown and from that. So that’s a relief.

After the scan I got my picture and waited on my NP. She had nothing but good things to say which was nice. I go back on 11/22 for my 11 week scan and as long as everything looks good I will be released to my OB. What a scary thought… I am just so happy and relieved that things are still looking good.


4 thoughts on “9 weeks 3 days

  1. Wow this is great!! Baby looks so beautiful.

  2. This is fantastic! So happy for you!!

  3. Such great news!! So happy that everything is looking good 🙂

  4. Aw great news that it went so well!

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