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First time puking

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12 weeks 1 day – 195 days to go

** TMI gross post **

Let me preface this by I hate throwing up. I was extremely lucky with G’s pregnancy that I barely had any nausea let alone vomiting. With my second pregnancy, that ended in a MMC, I had increased nausea but nothing else. With this pregnancy the nausea has been between G’s and the second pregnancy. I loved how it has been there to reassure me most of the time but hasn’t really impacted how I eat and no vomiting… until yesterday.

I had an incident over the weekend where I hurt my hand and needed to go on antibiotics. They put me on Augmentin which is a little bit stronger and I had been taking it for a few days with no issues. Yesterday I woke up, took my morning meds including the augmentin, and went about getting G up and ready for school. As I was getting him dressed my stomach started to feel a little off so I decided to eat a banana thinking it just needed something so it wasn’t empty. This was a bad idea.

I get G loaded in the car, buckled in, sat down and my stomach just made a rolling feeling. Since I have never thrown up I really didn’t think anything of it other than I didn’t really feel well. As I am exiting my neighborhood, it starts to get worse so I popped a preggie pop in my mouth and turned on to this incredibly windy road with very few spots to pull over on. You know where this is going…

I am at the windiest part of this road and it just comes. There was no stopping or holding it off… I tried “catching it” with my bad hand and that just resulted in it spraying all over the windshield. So I just tried to improvise and catch it down my shirt while still driving down this windy road. All while G is in the back seat saying “what’s happening mommy?” “You ok mommy?” over and over again. It was practically a scene out of one of those comedic pregnancy movies.

I finally had the chance to pull over and didn’t really know what to do. I had to drop G off at school and it looked like most of it only got on my shirt and not my jacket so I decided to just strip my shirt off in the car as carefully as possible and zip my jacket up to drop him off. I cleaned the seatbelt and windshield with babywipes as best I could and then drove with the windows down to diminish the banana vomit smell. It was terrible… beyond terrible but I honestly just have to laugh about it now. Thank goodness E wasn’t in the car because I am sure it would have made him puke right along with me!!

I really think it was just because of the antibiotic. I was 12 weeks yesterday and thought that the nausea was lessening a bit but this sure threw me for a loop!!! Luckily this morning I was smarter and actually ate breakfast a bit before taking my meds and didn’t have any issues!

In other news, tomorrow is my first OB appointment and I am anxious to see baby again. I know it’s only been a week since my last scan but with being on the antibiotic and having to take some medication that I would have preferred not to, I just want to make sure everything is still ok. I will be doing the whole thing… NT scan, pelvic exam, breast exam, std testing, slew of blood work, and everything else that goes with a first OB appointment. I am sure my weight will be a topic of concern but I have lost 13 pounds since getting pregnant so there’s that. I’m nervous, like always, but ready to get it over with!

One thought on “First time puking

  1. I threw up finally this past Sunday! I totally blocked out it because it was so gross and then I remembered it reading your post!

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