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First OB Appointment

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12 weeks 3 days – 193 days to go

Yesterday was finally my first OB appointment and boy was it a doozy… between a quick ultrasound, intake with the nurse, pelvic/breast exam, pap, discussion with an actual OB, and labs, I was there for a little over 2 hours.

My ultrasound was first and I thought I was getting the NT scan but the tech informed me that they don’t do those anymore, I would have to go to a specialist if I wanted it. Interesting but at least I got to see baby for a minute with a good heart rate (163bpm) and he/she was measuring a day ahead. I do have an anterior placenta right now which sucks but I am hoping it moves at least a little. I had a partial anterior placenta with G and I was sort of hoping to be able to feel baby all over this time.

After that I sat with a nurse who was incredibly sweet and we talked about everything. She asked SO many questions to which I was able to answer 95% of them perfectly. How my father’s parents died… I wasn’t quite sure. They passed before I was born and I don’t know a whole lot about them. After all the questions she went over all the do’s and don’t’s in pregnancy and I nodded my head like I wasn’t fully aware of everything she was talking about. Then she asked me if I wan’t NIPT and that they offer the Panorama test and offer it to all their patients. My eyes lit up because I really wanted NIPT but have heard that some doctors don’t even allow it if you don’t meet certain criteria. I immediately said yes! We will have results in 5-7 calendar days. So crazy!

After I was finally done with her I met with the OB who was very nice and a little nerdy. We discussed coming off my baby asprin/progesterone/metformin and how the beginning of the pregnancy has been. Then on to the physical exam type of stuff. All in all, the typical doctor gig, in and out.

I was then off to the lab for 10 vials of blood. Good lord that was a lot but I survived and then got to head home. I don’t go back for 4 whole weeks and I am not quite sure how I am going to survive that long without seeing/hearing baby. I have thought about a doppler but am so nervous that if I can’t find the HB I will just panic and it will be bad. I may still end up getting one but I am holding off for right now.

One thought on “First OB Appointment

  1. I borrowed a Doppler off a friend and it was a mixed blessing! A great relief when I could hear the baby but there were a few times when I couldn’t find the heartbeat and it made me naturally worry! After around week 12/14 it got much easier though so it would probably be ok the stage you are at. Otherwise you just have to try to remain positive and remind yourself there is no reason to think everything isn’t going fine 🙂

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