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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

Genetic Results and the Doppler


13 weeks 3 days – 186 Days to Go

Today is officially the start of my 2nd trimester… there has always been debate on when this actually starts. Some say 12 weeks, some say 14 but I asked my doctor about this and he simply said take 40/3 (trimesters) and you get 13.3333 which means 13 weeks, 3 days is technically the official start of my second trimester. Hooray!

It’s been a week since my last appointment and I feel like so much has happened between now and then but most notably was that I needed xrays for my hand. The thought of xrays was really scary but it was necessary and they covered me up really well. The good news is that nothing in my hand is broken! I was however convinced that the small amount of radiation killed my little nugget, so I bought a doppler. I received it on Wednesday and immediately tried it out. It took about 10 minutes and a lot of probing but I finally found baby with a great HB. I did however push a little too hard and have a small bruise from it… needless to say I will be taking a break from the doppler for a few days to make sure I don’t do that again. I think I was just getting antsy because it was taking so long to find and didn’t realize how hard I was pushing.

In other news, I have been not-so-patiently waiting for my Panorama results back and have been checking my email like a lunatic waiting for the results. They finally came late yesterday afternoon…

Gender results

All of those words could not have been any better. We are so happy that everything looks genetically healthy and are thrilled for another boy!! The worst part about it is going to be picking a name. We exhausted every single option before settling on G’s name… this one is going to be impossible!

4 thoughts on “Genetic Results and the Doppler

  1. Congratulations I’m so happy for you!!! #boymom What a relief, too, so glad he is cooperating with the doppler, too!

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