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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

16 week check-up

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16 weeks 2 days – 166 days to go

Today was my 16 week visit which was pretty uneventful. Zero weight gain since my last appointment (still down 16lbs from when I found out I was pregnant), my BP is still nice and normal, and nothing off with my urine sample. The midwife I saw today did have some trouble finding the HB which would have thrown me into an absolute panic but since I knew where baby boy typically hangs out because I use the doppler at home, I was able to direct her and she found him. Thank goodness. My uterus is already right at my belly button but he likes to hang out way down low on my left… I didn’t ask if this was normal or not but hopefully if it wasn’t she would have said something.

In the past two weeks however I have been getting some incredibly bad headaches. One was so bad that my vision actually went black and I almost passed out. Talk about scary and it’s been really hard taking care of G during them. They never fully go away but most of the time they’re manageable however when they flair… lord have mercy. Tylenol doesn’t touch them and I can’t really take anything else so I brought that up today at my appointment. She thinks they are probably hormonal related and said they’re fairly common at my week gestation but she did prescribe a medication that is safe to take when they get really bad. I am thrilled I will have something just in case… they’ve been really miserable. If they get worse or arent better by my next appointment then they will refer me to a neurologist to be safe.

Other than that things have been fairly smooth. No complaints and now I can’t wait for my anatomy scan in 4 weeks to see my little man!!

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