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Anatomy Scan

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20 weeks – 140 days to go

I honestly can’t believe I am at the half way point today. Seems incredibly surreal.

Since the crazy kidney stone debacle a week and a half ago, that excruciating pain has luckily not come back. I went to the urologist and he isn’t actually convinced it’s kidney stones. He told me it could be or it could be the position of the baby that is causing fluid to back up into my kidneys which would give me all the indications of kidney stones but not actually have them. Apparently that’s a thing. They can’t tell without a CT which isn’t really advised while pregnant so unless the pain comes back it’s a wait and see game. Regardless I am just happy the pain hasn’t returned.

Yesterday we had our anatomy scan and it went really well. Baby boy was sleeping facing down but we got all the proper views with the exception of his heart outflow, so we need another scan in 4 weeks to just make sure it looks good. We weren’t really able to get many good pictures since he was face down which was a bummer but I love seeing him on the screen. He’s weighing in at 11 ounces and had a heart rate of 147bpm.

The doctor portion of the visit was extremely fast and uneventful. My next visit I have to do the gestational diabetes test (yuck) but hopefully I pass. With G I failed the one hour but passed the 3 hour so we shall see.

In terms of my health, I’m doing well. I am down another pound (which they are perfectly fine with), my BP was 106/68 and zero flags from my urine sample. Couldn’t ask for anything better. I gain 11 pounds with G’s pregnancy and I am hoping that I can do something similar this time around as well.

Oh, I am also starting to feeling him a little easier and more consistently now. Usually I feel him at least once a day but some days I am lucky and feel him a few times a day. My placenta has moved and is now lateral fundal meaning that it’s towards the top and on the right side which explains why I am feeling him better now. I love every second of it.

Nothing much else to report which I am truly happy about!

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