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Viability week

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24 weeks 1 day – 111 days to go

We finally reached viability week!! I feel such a sense of relief that we are finally here! Today was my 24 week check-up along with my follow-up anatomy scan to get view of little nuggets heart. I also had my glucose test today… fun times!

I arrived at the lab 8:45 and chugged down my lime glucose drink and then went upstairs for my appointment. I was taken back for my ultrasound right on time at 9am and the baby was moving like crazy. Kicking the probe and swimming away every time she tried to get him to stay still… it was really entertaining for me. Not so much for her! His HB was 131bpm and we finally got all the views we needed and I went back to the waiting room. The plan was to have the appointment with the doctor and then go back to the lab for my blood draw. That didn’t happen. By 9:40 I still hadn’t been called back to so I had to run to the lab to get my blood draw for the glucose test and then come back to the clinic. I wasn’t called back until 10:15 where they took my weight (still no true weight gain) and my blood pressure (130/72 – the first time it’s been elevated but I was so stressed from the wait) and then the dr. didn’t come in until 10:30. She walked in, measured the fundal height and that was it. I was so happy to leave at that point. I should get my results on the glucose test by Tuesday at the latest.

Also! Baby has gotten SO strong in the last couple days. Just last week I was saying how E hasn’t been able to feel him yet but on Saturday night baby was moving like crazy and E actually got to feel him. Since then? The movement has exploded! I don’t know if it’s because he is closer to the surface or if he just went through a growth spurt but the past two nights we have been able to lay back and just watch my stomach move with all his movements. It’s my absolutely favorite thing in the entire world ❤ I can’t wait till G gets to feel him (he doesn’t have the patience to sit and wait for it). Hopefully soon!

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