"Life's under no obligation to give us what we expect.”

Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

31 weeks


31 weeks 0 days – 63 days to go

You know how I keep saying I am waiting for the other shoe to drop with this pregnancy? Well it may have today.

I had my regular OB appointment scheduled today; I gained a few more lbs but BP was still normal so I felt pretty good when the midwife came in. She asked how I was doing and then went to listen to baby. I could tell it didn’t sound like it normally does… almost kloppy, like a horse who’s step was off. I listened and thought it was strange but didn’t get concerned until she kept the doppler on him and kept listening. After what felt like a lifetime she said she hears something but isn’t sure exactly what and asked if I would mind if she went to get one of the OB’s to listen. Queue the panic.

The OB came in and listened and he agreed that there was something there. It sounds like his heart keeps skipping a beat. They said it could be normal as that happens with people all the time but they want it checked out by a perinatologist just to be certain.

That appointment isn’t until Tuesday at 10… which feels like forever away.

This has been a terrible week and this was the absolute last thing I needed. I pray everything is ok and we can just move past this with no issues.

7 thoughts on “31 weeks

  1. Oh no!! I hope everything will be alright. If it’s any consolation, Zane had a very pronounced arrhythmia for the majority of my pregnancy. It turned out well in the end. I will be hoping the same good outcome for your little one.

  2. Hopefully the fact that the doctors are ok waiting a couple of days means that it’s nothing serious to worry about.
    My thoughts are with you!

  3. I hope everything turns out okay. It likely will but I know how scary this can be. I had to do an echo cardiogram with my daughter. One specialist said her heart was fine and the other scarred the crap out of me. In the end she was fine.

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