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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

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Home Stretch

35 weeks 5 days – 30 days to go

I’m in the last 30 days of this pregnancy. Wow. It seemed to have flown by and dragged on forever all at the same time. I am so ready to hold this baby boy in my arms but I am trying to savor the last moments of my last pregnancy. A lot has happened since my last appointment.

Baby L’s Heart: I’ve been monitored weekly for the last month since they discovered he had a premature beat. From my first specialist appointment where they were hearing the skip almost every beat to this past Friday where it wasn’t detected during the time they listened. Each appointment the skip was less and less and it appears to have corrected itself like they hoped. I have been officially discharged from the specialist. They will monitor baby during labor and possibly do an EKG after he’s born but as of right now we are in the all clear.

Nursery: The nursery is 98% done! The only thing I have left to do is put his letter names above his crib and then have the room cleaned. I do have the luxury of having a cleaning service but they don’t clean the rooms we aren’t using so the room hasn’t officially been cleaned yet. That should be getting done this week and the letters hopefully soon after. I am just waiting on my friend to make some dinosaur footprints for them (the “theme” is dinosaurs).

Bags: I have started packing the hospital bag and it’s amazing how different I am this time around from the first time. I had a huge rolling bag duffel bag packed for my first pregnancy. This pregnancy? I have a regular duffel bag and it’s 1/4 of the way packed which not much else I want to bring. There are the last minute essentials and toiletries but there will definitely be plenty of extra room. Maybe I’ll be able to sneak some extra freebies from the hospital 😉

What’s left: The carseat needs to go in the car in the next week or so. I also need to rearrange the kitchen cabinets in order to make room for the bottles, paci’s, teething toys, breast pump accessories, etc. and then to go through and sterilize all those things. Other than that I just need to rearrange the living room a little to put the baby’s swing up and figure out where I am going to put the downstairs pack and play. Oh and the downstairs diaper changing station needs to be organized.

Work: I have been working on getting the people covering for me up to speed for when I am out. It’s not an easy task and I am nervous about what is going to happen while I’m gone but I’m trying to let it go. It’s just a lot. I filed for my FMLA last week and still unclear on what exactly I need to do in order to get that approved so I need to figure that out.

Me: I am exhausted. The last 6ish weeks with my first pregnancy were like this too but damn. Add taking care of a toddler and I swear there are moments where I wonder if I could actually sleep while doing the dishes. I work in front of a computer and I am not going to lie… I have found myself nodding off on the rare slow moments.

Last week was the first time I noticed some ankle and foot swelling. I really feel like it’s my body’s warning sign to slow down. I’ve just been go go go since day 1. I really need to stop and take more breaks and not do as much as I have been doing. My BP is still good though (Friday it was 112/74) and I am now 1 pound above my pre-pregnancy weight. My appetite has definitely decreased though. Not sure if it’s because baby is still so high or what but I just haven’t been as overly hungry as I have been in the past. I have broken out the big exercise ball to start bouncing on. It hurts my hips so I don’t stay on it very long at this point but it does relieve some of the back pain from sitting in my desk chair all day.

Even though I have been doing weekly appointments for baby’s heart, I am officially at the point of weekly appointments just because I am close to the end! This week is the dreaded Group B swab test and they said that I may get a cervical check if I have been contracting. I’ve had a few very noticeable braxton hicks contractions but other than that they’ve been pretty tame and infrequent. I may just decline the cervical check until my 37 week appointment. I am so interested to see when this little one decides to arrive and if his delivery is anything like his big brothers. I do plan on asking for a cervical sweep at my 39 week appointment though…

I hope the next 30 days are productive and uneventful!