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Motherhood after Infertility and Parenting a child with ASD

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Time for an update

Life has been crazy… it’s been 2 days shy of 13 weeks since L was born. Last week was my first week back to work, meaning his first day at daycare. Even though he is my second baby… that shit is not any easier. I bawled the first day and every day since it feels like my heart is left with him as I walk out the door. He seems to be adjusting ok… he barely sleeps but he’s been eating fine and I’ve only walked in once where he was screaming his little head off. Granted, today is only his 5th day so, there are plenty more opportunities for that.

L is such a good baby. Most of the time he only cries when he needs something. He’ll have an off day every now and then and be fussy but overall, he’s so good. He typically only naps 30-50 minutes at a time but sometimes we get some good 2 hour naps, those are really nice! Experts say he should be able to go 3-4 hours between eating but he still eats every 2-2.5 hours during the day which ends up being a lot!!

At night he’s really improved. Sometimes we can make it all night without eating and sometimes he’ll take a 4 ounce bottle. It really depends on how many times he has woken up. I’ve had a handful of nights where he has slept through the night already, those are INCREDIBLE!!! Most of the time though he’s up twice a night, sometimes up to 5 or 6 and those are dreadful. We’re hoping to start sleep training in about a month or so and I am hoping it is as successful as it was with G.

L is smiling and laughing but he really makes you work for it. Most of the time he just looks at you with these crazy eyebrows like “what the F are you doing.” It’s hilarious. He started rolling from tummy to his back at 11 weeks and it’s so cute watching him go. He still doesn’t seem to know exactly what he’s doing but he does it! He’s such an incredibly strong baby and big too!!

G is doing great. He turned 4 at the end of August and started private pre-school. In a month he has already learned how to write his name! It’s still quite sloppy but most of the time you can totally make out what it is. He’s been learning the alphabet, their sounds, and even their signs which has been super cool. They are doing sight words which I don’t love since it essentially is just teaching them to memorize words and not learn how to sound them out but I guess that is how it’s done now-a-days.

Preschool is intense though… He has homework almost every night and then a show-and-tell project due each Friday. It was hard enough to do while on maternity leave but now that I am back to work it seems close to impossible. I want to be able to spend time with G and L after work/daycare but by the time I get them home, I have to do homework with G, make dinner, and then get them ready for bed. I feel like I get no quality time with L at all during the week 😦

Coming back to work has also been overwhelming. I had been training a partner for over 7 months before going out on leave. She covered for me while I was out and now that I am back we had a plan to essentially split the large work load. I was content with this arrangement but on Friday she called me to let me know that she put in her 2 week notice. I have no idea what I am going to do because I refuse to work 11 hours a day anymore and the work load is insane. My manager said that they will be working to get me some assistance but I am honestly not holding my breath.

E and I are good. We haven’t had much of any alone time since I don’t really trust anyone to watch L yet but have had a few nice in-home date nights. Uber Eats has been crucial to our survival when it comes to actual food and not hot dogs or sandwiches LOL

That’s pretty much the jist of it. I’ve been trying to keep up with everyone’s blogs but hopefully will get better now that life is becoming “back to normal.”