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An update on my furbabies

Nothing too much is going on with me but it seems like my furbabies have a lot going on! My last foster Great Dane was adopted a little over two weeks ago and the day after he left us we picked up a new one. I love these fosters but man I am ready for a little break. This new guy, Spartacus, is still a pup but is already 130lbs and needs to gain some weight. He is all puppy energy and I forgot what it’s like having such a young dog! He is absolutely beautiful, has zero manners, thinks he is a lap dog and is the sweetest thing ever. He went up as “available” on Monday (the rescue likes the dogs to be in fostercare for 2 weeks before being put up as available in order to see more of their personality) and we already have someone who is interested in him and should be calling me today or tomorrow to schedule a time to meet him. I hope it works out because he deserves to be in his forever home already. ImageImage


Shana is my 7.5 year old fawn pug and we have had some serious health issues lately. In January she started acting funny; her back was hunched, tail down, shaking from pain and her front feet were giving out on her when she was walking. It was pretty scary. After several trips to the vet they determined it was a slipped cervical disc and that it was affecting both her front and back feet 😦 I felt horrible. She was put on all kinds of meds to make her more comfortable and were given the “wait and see” approach. I wasn’t exactly thrilled about that so I looked up a vet acupuncturist who does modern medicine as well (I wanted to do the acupuncture and meds together and not be judged or anything). I found a wonderful doctor who has been treating Shana for several weeks now and I am so happy to say that she is doing SO much better! We are down to doing meds only once a day instead of 3 and when they are out I dont think I am going to refill them. She has only lost her footing twice that I have seen and it was becuase she was trying to play, not simply walk. She has a pep in her step again and I just couldn’t be happier 😀 Here she is during her first treatment session:



Libi is my 9-13 year old black pug (she was a rescue and vet’s just cant seem to pinpoint her age) and she’s been doing pretty well. Even though we have a cold snap down south right now the allergies are hitting her hard, like normal, in the spring. Luckily we found a great drug combination that helps her so much. She use to have constant skin infections and she was always miserable. Now, no more skin infections and the itching is to a minimum. I wait for her to give me the cue that she needs the meds, which happened about a week ago, so now we are just in the process of building up the meds in her body. Who says seniors aren’t adorable?!?



Lastly is my Olive ❤ She’s my 2 and a half-ish French bulldog who I love more than just about anything. I know we arent suppose to play favorites but she’s definitely my number one. I have even joked around about how I am worried I am not going to love the baby as much as I love her. She is just the cutest thing. Her personality is amazing with people however she has trouble with dogs she doesn’t know. She thinks she is the size of a great dane with the bite of an alligator. She luckily has no health issues going on right now put she did just make the “pet of the week” at our vet’s office 😀 One proud momma over here 😉 I mean really, how could you NOT love this face?! She my little gremlin and I love her to pieces






And just for fun, here are my girls this past summer on the boat ❤


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7DPIUI today and still feel pretty normal. The hunger has subsided some which is a good thing because I was literally eating everything in sight. My boobs are slightly tender and I had a really sharp pain on the right side of my uterus for about 10 second saturday morning. I had a split second of ‘IMPLANTATION!’ followed by ‘yea right, don’t be a fucking idiot, it’s way too early’. I took a test today (like I do every cycle at 7DPIUI) and confirmed the trigger is no longer in my system so that’s good news. Just 7 more days till I can test for real!

The adoption yesterday went really well with our first foster dog. I only teared up once but was smiling the whole way through it. He’s going to have a great new life 🙂 and we already got word that our new great dane foster will be delivered to us on Friday! So I have a couple days to get ready for a new furbaby to come into the house. He will be with us for a couple months while we get him healthy and then put him up for adoption 🙂